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In Gratitude

I want to thank my first wife, Nancy Woolfson, for putting up with the writing of an earlier version of this story, and my second wife, Talleen Holloway, for reading and critiquing Springtime in Kashmir.


The experiences behind this work would not have been possible without the misplaced trust of Dr. Lute Jerstad and his colleagues at Mountain Travel India, who repeatedly sent me into exotic environments that stretched the limits of my skill and judgement. I am also grateful to the clients I served, and hope that all will be forgiven in time.

I would not have survived those experiences without timely interventions from my climbing and skiing companions. For all our sakes, I hope we never face the need to repay those debts.

Finally, I want to thank the residents of the greater Himalaya—Kashmir, Ladakh, Lahul, Teri Garwhal, and Nepal--who welcomed and guided us in their mountains. I wish all of us peace and safety.

Talbot Bielefeldt

Eugene, Oregon

July 2020

Springtime in Kashmir ©Talbot Bielefeldt 2020.

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