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Reading Tips

Springtime in Kashmir pages were composed in the Editor on a Windows 10 laptop. A laptop or large tablet (such as an iPad) is the best platform on which to read the book. The large formats allow the text to flow around the graphics and the navigation bars to appear horizontally. 

The pages were composed at 780 x 680 pixels. If a menu bar, graphic, or other page element does not fit on the screen, reduce the page view size (say, from 100% to 80%) to keep all page elements in view. Unlike some dedicated text readers (e.g., the Kindle) you don't "turn" pages within a chapter. Each chapter scrolls continuously from beginning to end.

Context-sensitive menu bars appear twice in each chapter, once below the cover graphic and once at the end. The menu lets you go back or forward a chapter or return to the Contents to skip around. The title of the novel in the Copyright bug on each page is also a Home link that takes you back to the cover.


The text can also be read on a smart phone. However, to fit the small screen size, all the page elements will appear in sequence. (First the chapter cover photo, then the navigation menu, then the first text section, and so forth.) This means the reader will need to do more scrolling, and some graphics will not appear next to the related text.

If you prefer to read the novel on paper, click on the Print Version link in the Contents or Title pages. This will bring up a PDF file formatted for printing. Adobe Acrobat Reader software (available for free online) is required to view the file. At this point the photographs, which were reduced in resolution to reduce online file size, will appear quite grainy on paper. The online images are still superior, at least until the PDF can be updated with high-resolution photos.

Springtime in Kashmir ©Talbot Bielefeldt 2020.

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